Peggy’s Porch Party

Who We Are

Peggy’s Porch Party, a Texas 501(c)(3), began in September 2012 in Austin, Texas. To date, Peggy has hosted thirty six house concerts benefiting musicians and charities. Many of the musicians have performed a second and third time because they feel such love & support from the audience. We hope you feel the same when you attend our house concert series. It is truly an incredible experience where you have the opportunity to meet the musician; hear the inspirational stories behind the music; interact with music loving folks; and support a local charity. Please join us!

What to Expect

“Peggy’s Porch Party” house concert series is a beautiful, respectful experience for both the artist and the audience. We have created a listening session and ask that you refrain from talking during the performance. If you choose to chat, we ask that you go inside the house (if the performance is outside) or converse far away from the performer. This is the exact reason why musicians love performing at house concerts!

What to Bring

  • Stadium chair or blanket
  • A beverage of your choice
  • A dish to share if you choose, but this is not required. (I will have some light appetizers and desserts.)
  • Extra money to purchase merchandise from the artist

Get In Touch

Peggy’s Porch Party

How Do I Get On The List?

Complete the requested information and you are on the list! Event is also posted on Facebook @ Peggy’s Porch Party

Tickets to the event can be purchased through Eventbrite. If the event is held inside, you will need to email prior to the event to reserve a seat, due to limited seating.

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